Preparing To Heal Yourself and Others With Mother Ayahuasca

How to prepare your mindset and beliefs to become a healer

The first step is to balance one’s life by letting go of anything that does not serve your greatest potential. A great intention in broadening one’s perception is very important in knowing that you are the master of your life, and that you can do much more than you thought you could, including healing yourself of an illness. Remember, you are powerful, everything is energy. and your very thoughts and statements create your world. Silencing the mind to any negative thoughts and statements through meditation, mantra, and whatever exercise feels right for you. Being honest and truthful to yourself of your commitment to healing. A healthy balanced diet, plenty of water, and exercising your mind with positive affirmations, learning to breathe fully to nourish all systems of your body, and learning to hear your voice. Joining a group or site that supports your process is important, as well as requesting professional counseling as needed. Get outdoors, soak your feet in the ocean or walk barefoot on the soft grass. Laying on the ground or sandy beach is a powerful source of energy that grounds and heals. Nature is our nature, it is creative energy, and by being grounded in the earth, we begin to feel safe in our body. Earth Energy is a vital energy in the healing process, and by working with the first three energy centers; 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Chakras, we are opening a well of energy through the souls of our feet which moves upwards to the heart where work in consciousness begins. Researchers have now proven that the heart is 100x more powerful electrically, and up to 5,000x more powerful magnetically than the brain. Yes, the heart runs the show. It actually sends more messages to the brain than the brain does to the heart. Our hearts actually “think”, and have neural tissue, hence the term “heart intelligence.”

Healing yourself before healing others

It is only through our self-healing that we can truly support others through their healing process. It is no easy task. Forgiveness, gratefulness, and loving ourselves first is paramount as we heal through self-love. For love is the infinite intelligence and infinite energy as love and light. Our heart is the orchestrator of our self-healing, and fills the spaces where love is needed. As we learn how self love transmutes and transforms our life, we then become more proficient in helping others to heal as we learn to understand the psychodynamics of our own pain and illness. Our stories and methods are important. They become a library of elixirs that support the process for other selves, and through our learning we are more open, and sensitive to the energy of higher vibrational frequencies. We are becoming an open channel in our self healing, self-initiating tests, and challenges of the unbalanced parts of our personality, and blocks. Be prepared. It is an important time of processing and journaling. Again, being grounded and feeling safe in the body creating strong boundaries will develop the energy system as one grows as a healer. This process becomes a way of life, and as one heals oneself, one heals the planet. It is also important that the healer is not in a codependent relationship with its client or patient. The healer supports the process of another to self-heal by facilitating the space with loving intent, integrity, and honor. Know that all suffering is caused by the illusion of separateness which generates fear, self-hatred, which eventually causes illness. We are more than human, we are co-creators with a divine spark of great potential, and that through healing our spiritual centers, (Chakras) dissolving blocks, our intuitive gifts are open to us, and will continue to expand as we evolve through our new perception integrating this new energy through self-healing.

How Ayahuasca opens your mind and soul for self-healing;

​Ayahuasca is a transformational tool as all plant medicines are. She is a Master Teacher, a Universal Energy, and is commonly experienced as feminine and motherly, a divine opener of the heart space releasing a pure connection to the source of love. Within her every cell there is an encoded truth where she opens our mind, heart, and soul to ONENESS. In South America, she is part vine, and works the same way in our bodies and spirits as the vine does in nature. She moves our experience upward and outward in a serpentine spiral of cosmic knowledge in our journey home in remembering who we are and to experience the deepest parts of ourselves as she heals and clears the way for our new beginnings. The movement is external, and so the journey is one of external awareness where we become attuned to cosmic universal truths, connecting to all things beyond our egos, our physical bodies, and beyond our Earthly existence. A greater flow of our heart, mind, and soul become aligned with the Universal Energy of Ayahuasca where we experience unconditional love for all things. Ayahuasca and all plant medicines purpose in being here is solely to help us remember who, and why we are here, a serious quest. As our process unfolds we learn that all suffering is caused by the illusion of separateness, which generates fear, and self-hatred, which eventually causes illness. Ayahuasca sheds a guiding light for us on our shadow, illuminating a new path that we can choose to walk or not to walk. It is a psycho dynamic process that opens our mind and a new way of life begins in every moment that we breathe. Plant teachers are tools, and as we go through the process, we are powerfully empowered as our conscious minds expand and shift to higher vibrations. The medicine path is one of truth and walking allows us to live authentically, transmute our pain, and walk the way of beauty and fearlessness.

Guest Written by Hope DeVenuto, Florida