For thousands of years, before the advent of modern medicine, cultures around the world relied on plant medicines and traditional methods of healing for addressing physical and mental wellness issues. Modern medicine also has roots in traditional medicine and many modern medications are derived from plants—for example, Aspirin, which is derived from the bark of the willow tree. One of Awake Healer’s purposes is to equip our members with plant medicines and the knowledge to use them safely to improve their lives.


Awake Healer’s Ayahuasca is grown, harvested, and prepared by a Shaman in Peru in the Amazon Basin and prepared under the strictest standards for purity and sanctity.


The pure Ayahuasca vine by itself is non-hallucinogenic and completely legal. The confusion arises from the ceremonial brew used by some Amazonian tribes which is also called “Ayahuasca” and contains other hallucinogenic plants. However, we only offer the pure Ayahuasca vine extract.


Ayahuasca is a South American vine known for its inexplicable ability to heal both physiologically and psychologically. While this vine has been used for centuries by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon region, it has only recently become known to the Western world. Traditionally, Ayahuasca is combined with other botanicals containing a hallucinogenic chemical called “DMT,” but the pure vine by itself brings numerous benefits. The practice of “microdosing” this pure vine extract is gaining worldwide momentum for its ability to promote a feeling of wellbeing and clarity of mind to those who take just a few drops a day. Awake Healer offers pure Ayahuasca vine extract without the hallucinogenic component.


Our Ayahuasca is prepared by a Shaman, and therefore undergoes all the necessary processes to ensure quality and preserve its sacredness. Prior to harvest, the area is cleansed physically and energetically. The vines are harvested with the utmost reverence and shipped to Awake Healer. No hands other than that of the shaman has touched the vine. Our Pure Vine™ is then bottled in an FDA-approved facility.


Yes. For every vine that is cut, four more are planted. Vines that are cut are not uprooted and therefore fully regrow in 4-5 years.


An indigenous myth tells us whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, cacao comes from the rain forest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to harmony. Cacao is a fruit native to Central and South America and better known to the Western World as the original source of chocolate. The South Americans believe that Cacao comes from the jungle to restore harmony to the planet by bringing internal balance to every person who consumes it. The word “Cacao” is used to refer to the unprocessed bitter beans which are removed from the sweet outer fruit. The beans are toasted in order to remove the shell and ground into a paste to be distributed for use in foods and drinks. Since the time of the Mayans, Cacao has been used by the indigenous peoples of South and Central America to bring healing and inspiration. In ceremony, the Cacao and Shaman mutually enhance each others’ energies to remove barriers and open the hearts and minds of its recipients. Cacao works by reaching into the deepest parts of the self to release internal struggles, which in turn makes room for increased focus, insight, and creativity. By creating this internal shift in each individual, Cacao helps restore harmony to the world.


Awake Healer sources it’s Cacao from the Kichwa tribe in the Amazonian region of Ecuador. The Cacao is Criollo “pronounced Cri-yo-yo” Arriba Nacional. “Cri-yo-yo” comprises less than 1% of all Cacao production around the world. It is very rare and expensive. Criollo Arriba Nacional comprises less than 1% of all Criollo production. To say it is rare, would be a huge understatement!!!! The cacao that we get from the Kichwa people is the finest in the world. This is because there is a collective of Kichwa villages that is part of a collective called a Chakra. This collective pools all of the harvest from the trees that grow natively on their individual property, and is picked up by a 4×4 pickup truck that delivers it to the harvesting facility. The entire Chakra participates, and has been subsidized by the government with assistance from the Universities in Quito in helping the families learn how to care for the trees and how to use the environment and it’s natural substances rather than chemicals to protect the trees. The Chakra has achieved the highest acclaim and awards for their cacao. The cacao is 100% organic. The strain of cacao that is harvested here is unadulterated and unchanged, and can be traced back over 5000 years! Most cacao throughout the rest of the world is adulterated and has been transplanted and grafted with other cacao in order to make it more resilient and less prone to disease. The cacao here is wild. It is not planted and harvested like most cacao farms. Matt Stoker stayed with the Kichwa tribe, and they told him that the natural environment and natural plants that surround the trees are what makes this cacao so special. You will never see cacao trees growing in a row in this region. They are considered a national treasure, and are revered and protected. We are fortunate to have created a relationship with these people….the head of the Chakra told Matt that he was shown that he would be a leader in bringing opportunity and blessings to his tribe while in an Ayahuasca ceremony years before he actually became the head of the Chakra. The families that Matt stayed with told him that with the pandemic of Covid 19, they were cut off from the world, but the Chakra banded together, and the Cacao was harvested, and it helped them all survive economically. We have been able to add nothing but some drops of essential oil to make the cacao ready to serve at a cacao ceremony. We have also added the Pure Vine of Ayahuasca to certain batches. This blend is named, Chocaya, and is truly special. Many people have shared their spiritual experinces with communing with this blend, and it is truly remarkable!!!! Because of it’s rare quality, there is little need to add many ingredients to it in preperation for ceremony. We believe that you will be able to sense how special this is the first time you taste it.


Cacao creates a beautiful feeling in the body. It opens the heart, heightens intuition, increases focus, and promotes a sense of light euphoria. One should only drink what the body needs, as Cacao can cause a slight elevation in heart rate or a feeling of being un-grounded. As with all plant medicines, listen to you body and consume only what you need.

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