How I Found Happiness & Healing Through Self Love & Ayahuasca

Most people never stop to think, “What makes you happy?” Anything that doesn’t resonate with your process is wasting your energy. If something consistently puts you in a negative place – whether it’s a job, family, or friends, it doesn’t belong in your life. We need to prioritize the most important things in our life and really meditate on them. And then little by little, make changes in our lives to only keep the things that resonate with and support us.

Because self love is the basis for healing. Discover what it is you believe in, what your priorities are, what is most important to you and what you love. This starts a very big personal process. People have to be ready to look at themselves and not be in denial. And that’s what ayahuasca helps with.

Ayahuasca is reminding us who we are. So ayahuasca, if you meditate on her, will show you what you need to heal. She’s the master teacher. She will go in and help you with whatever it is you need. Plant medicine takes time and patience.

Guest Written by Hope DeVenuto, Florida