Introduction To Kambo Medicine

Kambo Background

Kambo medicine is sourced from Amazonian tree frogs (phyllomedusa bicolor) - commonly known as monkey frogs. The indiginous shamans of the Amazon are the only people who should collect Kambo.

The Matses tribe was gifted Kambo to help them survive their hostile environment. They claimed that it helped them hunt, heal, and improve their vision.

Kambo is obtained by gently scraping the venom off the back of the frog. It’s important that when you order Kambo to make sure that it was ethically sourced and the frogs weren’t injured.

Kambo Administration

Kambo medicine is administered typically on the shoulders, arms, or ankles. The top layer of your skin is burnt and the medicine is placed on the dermis - Kambo enters the body through the lymphatic system. Kambo detoxes the body systems, contracts and relaxes muscles, and dilates blood vessels.

Risks and Contraindications of Kambo

Do not participate in a Kambo ceremony until you’ve checked with your doctor. Especially if you have

  • Cardiovascular conditions, epilepsy, Addison’s disease, Lyme’s disease, Cushing’s disease, high/low blood pressure, blood clots, stroke, aneurysm, etc.
  • Recreational drug use or recent psychedelic use
  • Recent cleansing or detox regimens
  • Medications (antidepressants, NSAIDs, sleeping pills, blood thinners)

Five deaths have been reported from Kambo use - each were associated with heart disease, seizures, and too much water.