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In 2017, Laura and Matt Stoker journeyed to Peru to seek the rumored healing properties of the Ayahuasca vine in the Amazonian jungles of Peru. The healing and insights they received there defied science and rationality and could only be described as "miraculous."

Determined to learn all he could about this miraculous vine, Matt returned home to the United States and began to interview individuals around the world to see if his experience was unique. Hundreds of interviews corroborated his belief that the Ayahuasca vine was indeed special and could potentially bring physical, emotional, and spiritual healing to millions around the world.

Matt has partnered with a Shaman in Peru to provide pure Ayahuasca vine extract which would give people around the world the opportunity to "microdose" (take a few drops a day of) the non-hallucinogenic pure vine extract and enjoy the healing properties of Ayahuasca on a more subtle but consistent level than participating in a traditional Ayahuasca ceremony.

In addition to making it possible for everyone to enjoy the health benefits of Ayahuasca, Awake Healer has gone one step further to develop a global network of healing. Our goal is to establish affiliate members around the world who are trained plant medicine experts and professional healers to make a variety of plant medicine and alternative healing modalities such as kambo, hapé, cacao, breathwork, and many more accessible to our members regardless of where they live.

We welcome all individuals seeking healing, be it physical, emotional, and/or spiritual. We at Awake Healer understand that not all illness or trauma is visible to the eye and it is our goal to provide a support system to help you find healing from whatever you are going through.

To learn more and join our community of healing, please contact us.

If you are a plant medicine expert and/or professional healer, we are looking for capable and responsible individuals to lead our local communities around the world. Please click here to learn more and apply



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